Coming Soon – “Varna to Whitby

Silver Sand & Boxes of Earth”

New Studio EP

1. Prisoner in the Castle

2. Prelude to the Great Storm

3. The Arrival

4. Story – The Coven

Track 1.

Prisoner In The Castle

Track 2 – Prelude to the Great Storm


Track 3 – The Arrival


The Coven

Mina Murray was a woman who appeared as if in permanent mourning. Dressed head to foot in black, with a shock of raven hair she accentuated this demeanour with pallid skin, deep hazel eyes and dark red lips. Her small form allowed her to sit in the windowsill of her room, gazing out through checked frames to the boiling mass of sea beyond. The leaden clouds punctuated by flecks of white from the waves below rolled inevitably towards the craggy coast line and she blessed her position in her fortress tower unhindered by the storm breaking beyond.

Somewhere behind her a fire crackled in the grate and a regular tock of time counted out the seconds of her welcomed solitude: she knew how to be alone.

Lucy Westenra was the absolute antithesis of Mina Murray. Brilliant blond hair appeared to dance around her welcoming and joyous face as everything appeared within her grasp of being possible. She always dressed herself in the latest of fashions and flitted about the house shedding light to whomever she encountered, be they servants or Lords and Ladies.

She was always ‘doing things’ and appeared to crave the nearness of people, engaging them in whatever it was that interested them. Her inquisitive mind was her special weapon and people warmed to her readily. To the disgust of Mina, she was beset with suitors, and in Mina’s mind what was even worse was that Lucy drew them in and cast them aside without a care: there were many broken-hearted men wandering the battlefields of loss with wounds so deep they may never heal.

A small bell chimed a high-pitched note of gentle alarm and both Mina and Lucy found the nearest echo-tube and listened to the message. The metallic disembodied tones of Gabriel bade them to his study.
Lucy was there in an instant and made herself comfortable in one of the larger, wing-backed chairs by a roaring fire, welcoming the warmth on her face like a contented cat.

Mina dragged herself from her room, shrugging a black wool cape around her shoulders and descended the broad wooden stairs like a convict descending into hell. She took a deep breath before opening the heavy wooden door and entering Gabriel’s study.

Gabriel stood behind his sturdy desk upon which papers and maps were strewn. He was tall and slender, his skin tone hinted at his mixed parentage and he was always dressed immaculately. Today it was a deep blue embroidered waistcoat over a paler shirt. At his right hip his ever-present pistol, the butt of which ranged in chased gold shone ever bright from its worn leather holster.

His eyes shone as the two women entered his domain, his face exuded confidence and a deep perspicacity of knowledge and compassion. He was a complex individual who had his mind on many fragments of information and welcomed the input of more.

‘We’ve had word from Blix…Mr Walker has been found.’ His voice was a commanding baritone.
‘…and?’ Mina was somewhat annoyed that her solitude had been broken for this. ‘The man’s obviously an idiot! Let the Burghers take him!’

‘Oh, Mina!’ Lucy gave a faint sigh of rehearsed exasperation, ‘You know we have to help where we can. Besides, he may not be such an idiot, just a poor lost soul. Isn’t that right Gabe?’
Mina mocked Lucy silently, pulling faces; ‘isn’t that right, Gabe?’ she mimicked like a petulant child.
‘Ignore her, Gabriel. She’s in one of her dark moods.’

Mina ignored the jibe and took a seat beside a tall window where she could continue her gaze at the incoming storm and marvel it its inevitability. A chill ran down her spine and she pulled her cloak close about her, drawing up her legs as she did so, protecting herself against the world.

Gabriel smiled benignly. ‘It was just a brief note, but he appears to be in York. Not too far away. Hopefully they will reach us in a few days, but I will need you to go out and ensure that he gets here. Whatever you say Mina, we can’t have the Burghers taking this one. And, it is believed he has the book with him.’

At this Mina snapped away from her stormy vista and stared at Gabriel in surprise.
Lucy looked shocked…’How? Nobody has seen this for generations. Are you sure?’
‘Well…Blix is near certain. And if she say’s so, that’s as good a word as we’ll get.’
Mina’s eyes focused on something unseen, ‘that book has answers…if it is ‘that book’’
‘I am pleased to have some of your attention, Mina. There are many answers bound in those pages for those who can decipher. But for most, and this unfortunate Walker appears to be one, there is nothing but danger. Danger and a potential rift in all he knows and understands.’

‘He’s still an idiot! Why would he mess with something he has no knowledge of?’
‘We cannot say. But I want you both to travel the high road to Mallon. Try to keep a low profile, Lucy.’ Lucy demurred shyly…this had also been well rehearsed. ‘and wait for them at the Rushwater Inn. If we can get them both back here before the Burghers run them down, with the book intact, we may have a chance of helping him…and helping ourselves.’ He furrowed his brows and took a deep breath.

Mina returned her gaze to the boiling mass of clouds, ‘There’s a storm coming…’

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